San Francisco Ash Scattering

"The entire experience of scattering our loved one's ashes was so wonderful.  Captain Kirk and Greg guided us with ease, grace and support.  They gave us an overview of the trip, told us a lot about the history of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Most importantly, they took us out to the most beautiful spot in the Bay to disburse the ashes and let us take all the time we wanted to do the needful.  
We are so grateful to both of them to make this day truly memorable!" - R.S of Dublin, CA


"It was a pleasure to sail on your boat today as we scattered the ashes of my brother into the Pacific Ocean. The weather was perfect and you made this solemn occasion a memorable one for us by your friendly service and by accommodating my disabled dad. My son enjoyed sailing lesson-101 and was pleasantly surprised that you gave him a chance." - Raji of San Jose, CA


Photos by: Doug Workmaster

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"We went to Honor my 93 year old Moms last wishes and dispersed her ashes in the San Francisco Bay. Captain Kirk and his crew, Greg, made the experience perfect! They were able to give us pointers as to where exactly to disperse the ashes and helped with the proper way to disperse the ashes so as to not get them blown back in the face! They made the suggestion to ring the bell aboard the boat eight times as is customary at the time of change of watch duty aboard a ship. A nice way to symbolize the passing of my Mom. In addition, they were full of knowledge in regards to the Bay and its history. A wonderful afternoon honoring my Moms last wishes." - Premjit S. of South Pasadena, CA


Private Ash Scattering on San Francisco Bay
Neptune Memorials offers private scattering of ashes & memorial services from our yachts on San Francisco Bay.  We have provided dignified, affordable services for 17 years. We are a family-owned and care about the quality of the service we provide.

The San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and the Pacific Ocean have special meaning and a beautiful place to release ashes into the sea. Each of our ash scattering trips is different. We adjust the trip to your needs and pay attention to the details so that each trip is custom to your family's wishes.

Are ash scattering memorials happening during the “shelter-in-place” time period?
Yes, with some modifications to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are continuing to perform ash scattering memorials out of San Francisco and Sausalito.

  • In accordance with the new restrictions, we are only running ash scattering trips (not recreational trips).
  • In order to follow the state rules we are limiting the group sizes to 8 passengers or less.
  • We are taking extra precautions regarding, cleaning, sanitizing and social distancing.

Losing a loved one is always difficult. In these trying times when everything can seem overwhelming, we are doing our best to keep things simple and to assist you as best we can. 

Please feel free to call as and talk with Sue or Kirk.

Below are some Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding how we are precautions with COVID-19 in detailed information:

How big of a group can I bring?

  • We are restricting group sizes to a maximum of 8 passengers to do the scattering. We suggest bringing only family members related to a single household.

Do you clean the boat?

  • Yes, we are cleaning the entire boat between each trip, paying special attention to disinfecting surfaces that people come in contact with, such as places you touch on the boat and lifejackets. 
  • We are scrubbing each lifejackets with soap and water after each trip
  • In addition we are not re-using an individual lifejacket within one week – we are rotating the lifejackets.

How will we practice social distancing on the boat?

  • We are using our 50-foot boat “Bay Wolf” for all ash scattering services. Your group will be positioned on the front of the boat, and our captain and our captain and our crew member will be in the back. You will be sitting outside, at least 25 feet away from our captain and crew.

What about limiting contact during the booking process?

  • All of the paperwork will be completed over the phone and by email before the trip. We always take a credit card on the phone for payment, so that contact is not an issue.

Are Ash Scattering memorials allowed under the “Shelter in Place” order?

  • On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20 including a statewide “shelter-in-place” directive:

In accordance with this order, the State Public Health Officer has designated a list of “essential activities” including the disposal of human remains.

By maintaining the social distance during the ash scattering service we can assist you during this difficult time AND keep your family and our employees safe.

Feel free to call to talk with Sue or Kirk with any questions.