Neptune Memorials

Neptune Memorials FAQ’s

  • If we have a small group will you put other people on the boat?
  • Can we bring flowers to put on the water?
  • Where will we scatter the ashes in the bay?
  • Can we bring children or elderly?
  • Can we bring clergy or other religious persons?
  • What if the weather is bad?
  • Is two hours enough time?
  • Are the prices listed per person or for the whole boat?
  • What should we wear?
  • Is there an enclosed cabin where people can sit inside?
  • May food and drinks be brought onboard?
  • How do I book my trip?
  • What are the pickup locations?
  • Where do I park?
  • What is your cancellation policy?

If we have a small group will you put other people on the boat?
We provide a private charter, so you have the boat to yourself no matter how big or small your group is. It’s just you and our crew so we encourage you to make this time your own. People talk about their loved one’s life, share memories, pray, sing, some bring guitars or music. We have all faiths on board, often having Buddhist chanting on the boat. All are welcome to make this time your own.

 Can we bring flowers to put on the water?
Yes, you may bring anything biodegradable to put on the water. People often place flowers on the water after the ashes. It makes a beautiful ceremony.

Where will we scatter the ashes in the bay?
We do ash scatterings quite often and have a few nice locations mapped out. The location will depend on where you leave from and how much time you have booked for your trip. We can discuss on the phone possible locations and if you have one in mind please let us know. We are happy to accommodate your wishes.

If you would like to go near the Golden Gate Bridge the best place to leave from is Sausalito. We can also get there from San Francisco, but it takes a little longer.

Give us a call and we will work with you to get you the best trip possible at the lowest price.

Can we bring children or elderly?
Yes. We welcome passengers of all ages, from babies, to adults that are into their 90’s.  For small children and elderly, we suggest our two larger boats, the Bay Wolf and Osprey, where they will be comfortable.

If you have children under 4 years old, then call us and we can discuss. Sailing with kids under 4 can be stressful for the parents- depends on the kids and depends on the parents.

Kids from 5-18 can get involved in the sailing of the boat. We have a lot of experience with kids on the boats. Give us a call and we can discuss this.

Children 5 years old and older are fine if there is at least a 1-1 adult/kid ratio and if the kids listen well to instructions (safety instructions are important).

Can we bring clergy or other religious persons?
You are welcome to bring whomever you like. We welcome all faiths and beliefs.

What if the weather is bad?
Sailing San Francisco Bay year-round provides many excellent sailing days. Rain in the summer and fall is very rare. We have many excellent days for being on the water in the winter in our temperate California climate.

In the Winter, if it is raining, we can reschedule for another time or cancel the trip and return all of your money. Some charter operations force you to sail in the rain. If it is raining, you do NOT have to go sailing. If it is a light drizzle, many groups with people from out of town want to go out anyway. We will keep an eye on the weather and check in with you on this.

Is two hours enough time?
Two hours is the minimum. From Sausalito that will take you directly out to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Two hours goes very quickly.  Many people chose longer options to be able to spend some time with their family while commemorating their loved one. Some have family come in from out of town so choose the standard length of time to tour around the main part of the bay, which is three hours.

Are the prices listed per person or for the whole boat?
The prices listed are for the whole boat. You can bring from 1-6 passengers on Mahalo and 1- 24 passengers on Bay Wolf and Osprey. 

All of our trips are private charters – no need to spend your time with a bunch of strangers.

What should we wear?
Please dress in layers (T-shirt, sweatshirt, wind jacket is the minimum of what we'd suggest, more if you get cold), long pants or wind pants are recommended. Any extra warm clothes can be kept down below inside the boat if you don’t use them. Hats that can be tied on are also good.

Please wear soft-soled shoes such as tennis shoes or sneakers; no heels or cowboy boots, which can become slippery on the wet decks. Also, don’t forget your cameras & sunscreen!

For winter trips dress warmly. We recommend a warm jacket, gloves and a hat that doesn’t come off easily. You can also wear long underwear and or wind-pants if you get cold easily. Think “Spring Skiing” Remember it will be cooler on the water than on the land because of the wind.

 Is there an enclosed cabin where people can sit inside?
Yes, there is an enclosed cabin with a small sitting area on Osprey and Mahalo. All boats have a head (bathroom). There is also a custom canvas dodger outside that keeps people dry and warm while in the cockpit. Most of the sailing time is spent up on deck or in the cockpit. The cockpit or the deck are the best places to see the views and the sailing experience.

May food and drinks be brought onboard?
Yes, feel free to bring your own food if you wish. We recommend finger foods (small sandwiches, cheese and crackers, etc), as they’re easiest to eat on the boat. We have some cups plates cutlery and napkins on board, but please bring your own if you’re providing your own food for large groups. If you’re bringing a cake for a birthday, we recommend cupcakes. 

We have NO corkage fees. Groups 14 passengers and fewer can bring their own beer and white wine. We only request a reasonable amount and no red wine and no hard liquor. While having a bit to drink on a boat is a lot of fun, having too much to drink can be a safety hazard, so we request people have a great time, but not overindulge. For groups over 14 passengers we can provide your beer and wine for $15 per person. 

Whether we provide the beer and wine or if you do, we recommend one beer or one glass of wine per person per hour for safety. Figure that being on a boat is like driving a car as far as how much is safe to drink. We want everyone to have fun and also be safe.

How do I book my trip?
Give us a call and we can easily help you choose a trip to suit your group. We just need some contact information and a credit card for the deposit.

On the phone we will ask you for an estimate of the number of passengers on the trip. We understand this often changes, so you can get back to us on the exact count. We will also ask whether you want us to provide the food or whether you would like to provide your own. We will also ask where you want to sail out of, since we sail out of 3 locations.

That’s it. Very simple!

What are the pickup locations?
We have three convenient locations.

San Francisco – Both Osprey and Bay Wolf can do pickups in San Francisco at Pier 40 (next to Oracle ballpark in South Beach).
Oakland - Osprey is located at Jack London Square (right across from The Forge Restaurant and easy parking).
Sausalito – Bay Wolf and Mahalo are based in Sausalito and both have convenient, free parking

When you book your trip, we will email you more information to easily find the boat.

Where do I park?
Mahalo in Sausalito has a large free parking lot that always has a lot of space. Directions to Mahalo. 

Bay Wolf in Sausalito has free street parking on a very quiet side-street. We will email the directions to you when you book your trip. Directions to Bay Wolf.

Osprey in Oakland at Jack London Square has considerable parking. The easiest is on Franklin Street where there is a large parking garage. There are several parking lots on Jack London Square property close to the Osprey dock. Directions to Osprey.

Pier 40 San Francisco: There are a number of lots with in a few blocks of the dock. Often street parking is available. There is also a short-term loading zone right at pier 40. A good parking lot is at the intersection of Bryant and Embarcadero, which is just north of Pier 40 (toward the Bay Bridge) where the parking lot is actually on a pier: Impark 541 The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94105. It is behind Red’s Java House.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation and refund policies are as flexible and generous as we can make them.
There are a few options:

If the date is not working out for you, we can always change the day of the trip for you at no cost, with the full deposit transferred to the new date. We prefer at least a week’s notice, but will work to accommodate you best we can.

In case of rain that cancels the trip, we can move the day of the trip or offer a 100% refund. This can be done last minute.

If you decide to put the trip off, and don’t have a new date yet, we are happy to provide you a gift certificate to keep the full value of the trip. For the gift certificate there is no expiration and it is fully transferable, so you do not lose the value of the trip.
 If you would like a refund (if the trip is more than one week in advance) we offer a 85% refund, or if it’s last minute and we have turned down other trips for that time slot the refund would be 70%. For trips that are rained out we offer a 100% refund.  

Many of our competitors have very restrictive policies for any changes (e.g. no refunds if changes made within 30 days, 50%-100% cancellation fees, etc). We don’t believe in these types of business practices. Our motto is “Sailing With Friends” We try to treat you well.