Baywolf - Santa Cruz 50 (up to 24 passengers)
We have owned Bay Wolf for three years and we are thrilled. She sails wonderfully. Bay Wolf is an excellent yacht for scattering ashes. She is stable and comfortable. There is plenty of room to move around and people enjoy the ride and the sights and sounds of San Francisco Bay. Setting the sails as we sail back under the Golden Gate Bridge has been a special occasion for many families and friends.


Osprey - Gulf Star 50 (up to 24 passengers)

Osprey is big, roomy and stable and is the latest addition to the fleet. She is a fine complement to Bay Wolf and Flying Tiger. This 50-foot ketch was built for cruising in comfort. Passengers can spread out on her ample deck to take in the sights, stay high and dry in the center cockpit or duck below and lounge in the large, cushioned salon and galley. Yet she's no slouch under sail. With her three sails aloft she cuts swiftly and confidently through the water no matter what winds and waves come her way.

Soverel 36 - Flying Tiger (up to 6 passengers)
Flying Tiger is ideal for San Francisco sailing charters. Whether navigating under the Golden Gate Bride or gently sailing around Angel Island, Flying Tiger provides a fast, enjoyable, safe and memorable adventure. I have owned Flying Tiger for over twelve years and because I have sailed her extensively on San Francisco Bay, I know the boat extremely well and have her perfectly balanced for all conditions. She is an easy boat for new sailors and a fast rocket-ship for the experienced sailors. She is very responsive and sails well to a light touch.

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